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Even After the Thrill of Living is Gone
PG-13.  The revised continuation of the Christmas Fic.  MiniSam/MiniJack.  (2.6.05)

R.  Implied torture, brutality, rape.  Set in late Season 7, post "Grace".  Sam/Jack.  Currently 3 chapters.  (updated 1.29.05)  WIP

Untitled Mini!OTP Christmas Fic
PG.  Starts directly after "Fragile Balance" and continues up to Christmas.  mini!Sam/mini!Jack. (12.8.04)

NC-17.  Set late Season 7, between "Grace" and "Fallout".  Co-written with tango.  Sam/Jack.  (10.12.04)
    O'NEILL: Teal'c and Daniel say Hi. They're planning a little bit of a shindig for when you're up and around. There's talk of cake.
    CARTER: Cake?
    O'NEILL: My idea.
    CARTER: Can't wait.

Even Better than the Real Thing
PG-13.  Set mid Season 8.  Spoilers for "Fragile Balance".  My Mini!OTP fic.  Sam/Jack. (9.30.04)
   Of course, there were a few benefits to this new life.

Mind the Gap
PG.  Sam/Jack.  Set ten years after the pilot. (8.23.04)
    Insurmountable objects in mirror may appear larger than they actually are.

NC-17.  Sam/Jack, mentions of Sam/Pete, Jack/Other.  Set several years after season 8 episode "New Order".  (8.9.04)
    She has no right to be here.  No claim exists between them, spoken or otherwise.  They both have other people warming their beds.
    But after ten years, she has so. fucking. earned this.

R for language and mentions of sexual situations.  Jack-centric piece.  Mentions of Jack/Sara, Jack/Sam, Jonah/Thera and Kanan/Shallan.  Set during Season 6 episode "Paradise Lost".   (7.7.04)
    He so is not prone to maudlin sentiments ...

PG.  Set in Season 7 episode "Chimera".  SG-1 friendship fic.  Implied Sam/Pete.   (7.04)
Sam: You know how it is. Usually you don't let it bother you because you know that they couldn't cope with the truth anyway.
Jack: Usually.
Sam: I think he could have.


PG with a few bad words.  Set sometime in late Season 5, before "Meridian".  Consider everything through "The Sentinel" as spoilers.  Sam/Jack, friendship, UST.  (6.28.04)

    "Carter, I don't know what the NID stealin' your panties has to do with my sweatshirt"

Sense Perception
R for language and mentions of sexual situations.  Daniel-centric piece.  Mentions of Daniel's relationships.  Mentions of Sam/Jack.  After a year of being Ascended, Daniel has a new outlook on being physical.  (6.25.04)

PG.  It's nice to know some things never change.  Set in the Season 4 episode "2010".  Sam/Jack friendship, UST.  Mentions of Sam/Joe.  Two missing scenes and then an episode cap.  (6.16.04)

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