indie's Stargate SG-1 Update List:
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2.6.05    Even After the Thrill of Living is Gone is posted.  It's the revised and completed version of the Christmas fic.  MiniOTP.  PG-13.

1.29.05    Chapter 3 of Fallout is up.

1.22.05    Not exactly an update.  I re-arranged my index so that it's in chronological order.

11.8.04    In the spirit of the season, I give you an unfinished mini!otp Christmas fic.  PG.  mini!Sam/mini!Jack..

10.12.04    Tango and I got bored.  There is now fic.  Cake.  Sam/Jack NC-17, set late Season 7.

10.1.04    New fic: Even Better than the Real Thing.  Mini!OTP Sam/Jack.  PG-13.

9.14.04    New fic: Fallout  Sam/Jack.  Rated R for implied nastiness.  First two parts are up.

9.14.04    I finally got around to building a real site as opposed to just a page.  Not much to get excited about and I'm really  hoping that no one else has a stargate site named "The socio-political nerd".  Anyway, look around.  My links page is the most boring thing on the planet.  I'll try to get it updated soon.